Bedroom Idea’s

You probably already know that your bedroom should be your safe haven… your oasis… your special retreat, it is the place where you end your day  and begin a new one..


Shouldn’t your bedroom make you smile and feel comforted?
1. Paint your bedroom in your favourite colour. Waking up to a colour you love is the perfect way to start your day. whatever the latest fashion says in the “in shade”. If you love orange, then include it in your bedroom decor as a  statement or  add accents in your favourite colour.

Just use colours you truly enjoy for a personal bedroom design.

2. Use comfortable and inviting fabrics, . many people find it difficult to coordinate different fabric patterns or textures. In fact, many bedroom design ideas can become too fussy, start off keeping it simple and develop the style and look which appeals to you,

Choose a fabric that compliments  your paint colour and use it in your drapes, or your bedding… and even in an upholstered chair.Don’t forget the cushions, they add the luxury touch.

3. Add candles and mood lighting. Lighting can enhance a bedroom design far more than you may realise. Yes, you need lamps for task lighting, but to really create a bedroom that is glowing, soft and relaxing you need some mood lighting.

This can be created with candles, bedside lamps, wall sconces and even picture lights.

4. Add soft textures Keep in mind that the goal of your bedroom design idea is to calm and soothe. So, choose fabrics that are soft and comforting. Select silks, linens, cottons , velvets and suede’s. 

5. Make sure your bedroom design ideas include window treatments that cover your windows at night. This will also close the room in and add to the coziness of the room.
Planning the perfect bedroom design idea doesn’t have to be difficult.

Keep it personal, choose the colours and fabrics you like… select artwork that enhances your style and enjoy the decorating process.
fabrics by, Andrew  Martin &  Alhambra

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